Grants and Contracts
Last Updated: October 2014

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Grants and Contracts Office


  • Advising appropriate University officials on matters relating to Federal and State laws, University rules, regulations, and policies pertaining to fiscal management of sponsored research;
  • Ensuring that the business interests of the University are protected in the terms of proposed agreements and throughout the operation of such agreements;
  • Determining that the University complies with all provisions of contracts, grants, or agreements entered into with external sponsors;
  • Maintaining auditable records in support of direct and indirect charges to contracts, grants, or agreements;
  • Preparing and submitting billings and fiscal reports required by sponsors; and
  • Preparing the Facilities and Administration (F&A) proposal and negotiating the Facilities and Administration rate.

Grant and Contract Specialist Constituent Areas

Questions about existing projects, allowability of costs, reporting requirements, rebudgeting, fringe benefits, and F&A cost should be directed to 387-4707.


Grants and Contracts
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